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Re: Build your own cabinets

Hi all!!

Just thought I would drop in and say hello.

Nothing much to report as of late. Been trying to do outdoor stuff. Diggin out a Juniper stump took the life out of me and about 4 hours :)

DW still buggin me for cabinet door and drawer fronts. My motivation has been in the trash as of late. Tired to sell my Outback (some may recall the rear hatch issues) but got no sellers. Getting the car ready to sell took a weekend...so getting no buyers is a real bummer.

Blinds still an issue. I need some machined parts and my buddy is too busy at work to help me out. I may have to do it myself (eekkkk!)

Pictures are at http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v468/waltdeckhouse/Cabinets/ and click on sub-folders.

Well...gotta run. real "work" :D

A. Spruce
Re: Build your own cabinets

Good to see you Walt, you really need to make time to stop by more often. We miss you.

Re: Build your own cabinets

Ditto what Sprucey said.

Re: Build your own cabinets

Hey all

I posted some stuff on the old thread. No one chimed in...so I am guessing that thread is dead. Are we "officially" moving over to this one? :eek:


Re: Build your own cabinets

Yup, Walt, packed up the U-Haul a while back.

Re: Build your own cabinets

So I thought I would update on the infamous blinds project. Just as a precursor...this is a stupid project. I have spent way too much time, money and effort on it. I know this. You don't need to remind me :0) But like a dog with a bone...I just can't seem to let it go.

So the story starts with DW wanting stainless blinds with no combustible parts on them....the blinds hang over the cooktop. After much contemplation we went after a roman blind approach. here is what it looks like


some many like it..others won't. It kind of looks like corrugated steel from the outside


had to figure out how to attach the slats together...I ended up using solid copper 12 gauge wire...rolled into a hoop and soldered together. Regular solder proved too weak...I found something online that is a bit stronger. here is what the loops look like


after that I had to figure out how to pull the blinds up. I decided to use aircraft cable. I routed the cable through eyelets...which proved to stress out the cables. see http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v468/waltdeckhouse/blinds/?action=view&current=DCP_3907.jpg



so i designed this silly little copper bent tube thing to relieve the cable stress. one in the back for each string and another to direct the cable downward




made the cable guides using 1/8" tubing and a bender


next thing was figuring out a way to secure the cable. I tried cleats, etc...but the stainless cable would not work with it. So i designed this button that is two washers preloaded with a set of bevel washers. here is what one looks like


it worked ok..but it also stressed the cable and made it fray (you can see the fraying in the picture) I have designed a cable spool using a rachet head...but I am waiting on some machined parts for that thing. I will put up a cad model of that one in the next posting

Once the blind is up working on repairing the cables is pretty much impossible...without getting hurt. I have cut my fingers several times on the slats. so i build a frame to hold the blinds so i can work on them in safety


so that is where it stands. when pulled up the slats fold nicely behind the valence


I can't tell you how foolish I feel about this one...but like I said I refused to be beat by this. I have learned this.....next time DW wants custom blinds give her the number to the local blind shop and go drink a beer.

here is a picture of the cable reel. the green piece in the middle is a rachet head i bought at sears. the outer parts are made of aluminum. the inner shaft of the rachet head is steel and welded to a flange that i can screw onto the wall


Re: Build your own cabinets

:confused: we are totally renovating a single wide 3 bedroom/1 bath mobile home. our question is what kind of wood do you recommend in making our own kitchen cabinets?

A. Spruce
Re: Build your own cabinets
mamaNpapatruckers wrote:

:confused: we are totally renovating a single wide 3 bedroom/1 bath mobile home. our question is what kind of wood do you recommend in making our own kitchen cabinets?

That would depend on your tastes, budget, equipment, and abilities. This is Walt's cabinet building thread on the old forum that contains a wealth of info on all kinds of cabinetry how-to's, such as what to build the carcass' out of, finishing, and other important things:

http://boards.pathfinder.com/cgi-bin/[email protected]@.ef125b0/0

Re: Build your own cabinets

I just went back and re-read the first thread from the start. It is amazing the amount of help and support I got here. Would not attempt it again without it.

Spent last weekend building a platform for the Xmas tree and train board. Should keep the 1 YO from pulling the whole mess onto himself.

This weekend...cabinet doors!! Eeekkkk...can it be so??!! Finishing a 2 year project?? Well....at least getting back on track after a long break (and changing day jobs, and a new baby, etc :0) )

OH yeah...I got rid of the Outback!! No more head gasket problems! No more stuck rear hatches!!! No more burning oil smell!! No more bad starters! No more crappy brakes!! No more....well it just goes on and on!

Re: Build your own cabinets

I got rid of the Outback!!

Say what ??? :eek:

Whatever will you do with all your free time now? Tsk, tsk. The Outback gave ya good reason to get out of the house and out to the garage. Shoulda thought it over better, buddy. :D

This weekend...cabinet doors!! Eeekkkk...can it be so??!! Finishing a 2 year project??

See? I told ya a long time ago that you didn't have to finish everything at once. It would wait. And......it has. You're still alive and there's no damage to your mortal soul.:D

Believe or not, most folks do it a step at a time, finish when/if they can........and live thru it all. You've done FAR, FAR better than the average Joe, Walt. You be a trooper, no doubt about it.

Should keep the 1 YO from pulling the whole mess onto himself.

Yikes! :eek: How time flies.

(On the other hand........I got a year younger. Not. :D )


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