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So a relative of mine has a problem with what look like small Beetles. They are incredibly clean, and have systematically contained every bit of food in sealed containers, and still the bugs keep coming. So I looked around the kitchen and found what looks like where they were going, under the faucet in the back / top of the cabinet. I took out all of the drawers and sprayed the inside of all of the cabinets with Ortho Home Defense which seemed to kill a whole bunch of the bugs, if not all. But every day she sees on or two bugs. I've since come back and sprayed again, but still one or 2 bugs a day... Any thoughts?

These don't look like roaches, or ants. Just little tiny round beetles. I've also laid some roach traps just incase..

What would you do?

Re: Bugs!

I would call the exterminator, JC. THey can identify the bug and spray the most effective stuff for it. It might take more than one spraying.

Re: Bugs!

maybe this might help identifying which one http://www.entomology.wisc.edu/insectid/in_kit.php

The other thing is to figure where they are coming from. Probably from the basement up along the plumbing.
Or there is an opening from the outside around the sink cabinet.

Re: Bugs!

Good point. It seems like many of them have a whole deal where they want to do an entire house for every possible bug, not just the problem. Who do you work with..?

Re: Bugs!

Good point about the source. I don't think they are in the basement. I checked the plumbing below. And for good measure, I caulked all of the cracks around the plumbing. We still have bugs.. I'll check again in the basement..

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