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I normally keep my basement cool in the winter (about 62F) but I turned the heat up recently when I was expecting a guest. Two days later my basement was crawling with box elder bugs. I suspect that some bugs had laid eggs and the warm temperature made them hatch. Over the next two days I vacuumed up about 300 of them. (Yes, 300 – I counted.)

This spring I’m going to go around with a caulk gun and caulk every place I think they might be getting in.

Has anyone ever had a bad bug problem and how did you solve it?

Re: Bugs!!!!!

I have the same bugs living in my house too! We usually see 1 or 2 once in a while in our kitchen and living room, and I've seen a few at a time in our basement (unfinished, don't go down there much). But there can be hundreds at a time outside on the walls and around our back door. They seem to come out from under the aluminum siding. Also, they seem to come out when it is warmer and the sun is shining on that side of the house. I am starting to see more of them now that the weather is warming up. When we started seeing a bunch last summer, we just got out the Raid and sprayed them. My wife's father is an Entomologist and he said not to worry about them-they won't hurt anything.

The good thing is we save on dog food, our two daschunds like to lick them up and eat them after we squish them.

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