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Ok, for the record, we are clean people in my house, but because of the large garden between my building and the one on the other side of the street, and the sheer fact that I live in a large 6-story apartment building in Queens, NY, we end up getting at least one waterbug a summer.

Well, we got our first of the year last night and since my room is the hottest in the house (no air conditioner) and right next to the bathroom, it was of course attracted to that and is where we found it. I am telling you this was the biggest bug I have ever seen in my life! You could hear it walking on the blinds. I have no idea how it made it in, but it made loud sounds when it flew.

Ok, I'm venting a little right now, but needless to say the bug scared the bejeezus out of me and the very thought that this creepy crawler could have been fluttering about while I slept is still making me cringe. I do not want this to happen again: anyone have any suggestions for warding off water bugs?? :confused:

Re: Bugs!

Hi Natalie, :)

LOL! About hearing the bug walk across your blinds. Actually, water bugs live in or near water. This could be another kind of bug that flew in, or walked inside your apartment. It could be anything. Are you sure it wasn't a June Bug? They are pretty big and common this time of the year. Unless you had alot of them, I'd just pick them off, and toss them outside. If you had alot, you can fumigate, or get some sprays. I'd prefer the ones that aren't hurtful to the environment. Some bugs are beneficial, although I am sure you don't want to hear that from me. (grin)

A suggestion......if you find one again, put it in a jar and bring it to your local county extension office. The agricultural department will identify the bug, and tell you the best way to keep them at bay. Good luck to you.

Linda :)

Re: Bugs!

In a multi dwelling building bugs are an ongoing problem. When one apartment sprays for bugs, the bugs take off through the walls for less hostile grounds. If you haven't sprayed for a while they'll move right in. Roaches and waterbugs grow very fast. The little holes near the top front edge of your bathroom basin is one way they get in. You can usually find little screens made for them. The waterbugs, like roaches prowl at night, constantly growing in size. One night they find they cannot fit back in the hole and start searching for comfortable hiding places. That's usually when you spot them.
Keeping your place sprayed will help somewhat and screening the overflow holes in the basin and bathtub will also help somewhat. But, roaches/waterbugs have been described since they started recording history so the chance of we humans eradicating them permanently is slim to none.

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