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Re: Buff haze out of hardwood flooring?

I appreciate your help but, low VOC is not an option. Low VOC is not NO VOC

I promise I wont regret cutting corners for the time being and will definitely refinish the floor properly before I rent the unit to future tenants.

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Re: Buff haze out of hardwood flooring?

Did you try just, well, buffing the offending patch, if it's not very big, with something like a microfibre kitchen cloth, or similar? It might be just enough to bring back the sheen. A shammy (chamois skin) might also work.

Household vinegar is an effective and non-toxic cleanser - maybe try giving it a thorough wipe with vinegar first?

Re: Buff haze out of hardwood flooring?

I wound up using a mr clean magic eraser and it probably made the area 20-25% better. Nothing great but it took the edge off the blemish.

Its covered with a new pad and rug now but, I'd still love to hear other ideas. This sounds like a good topic for ask this old house.


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