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Buderus G115/34 installation cost

It was recommended to me by my oil company to install a Buderus
G115/34 3-Pass oil boiler, a Becket burner, and a Superstor SSU Stainless steel water tank. The oil company will remove and dispose of existing boiler, make new headers for the supply and returns using new zone valves, connect the new zone valves to existing copper zones. Install boiler, burner, water tank 11/4" black iron pipe and fittings, 3/4" copper pipe and fittings,
1/2" copper pipe and fittings, Watts 911s water feeder/back flow preventer, smoke pipe, damper control, concrete blocks, hangers, ball valves and all other parts needed to complete the install.

I received a quote from the oil company of $8100 for equipment, parts and labor. Does this price seem reasonable?

Re: Buderus G115/34 installation cost

The best thing to do is to use this INITIAL quote as a STARTING POINT in your negotiations with the heating contractors----in other words, take the $8,000 quote and divide by 2.

I take it you don't have a natural gas line going into the house---gas-fired boilers are desireable in a number of ways????

What's the square footage of the building???

I take it they will be able to use your present chimney for the install, but will they have to add a draft inducer to the flue piping (extra expense)??

Start by getting the online (lowest) price for each boiler you are interested in to have installed---this can usually be had from www.pexsupply.com

Also Google the brand name of the boiler and model name or model # and the word "price".

Thus Google "buderus G115" price

This will get you lots of sites that will give you a dollar quote for the boiler-many of these are low-cost quotes & include delivery.

Buderus G115 is a 3-pass oil-fired boiler---others that are just as good are: Burnham MPO, Crown Freeport, Dunkirk Empire, Hydrotherm PB, Peerless PRO, Slant Fin Eutectic, Weil-Mclain WGO, and Systems 2000---all cost between $1,300 and $3,000.

Any one of these boilers is very good, along with similar water tanks (indirect hot water heaters): Triangle Tube Phase 3, HTP Superstor, Crown Megastor, Weil-Mclain Gold Plus, Lochinvar Squire, TFI Everhot---all cost approx. $1200 to $1500.

Figure $1,000 for labor: old boiler removal, concrete footing, installation of new boiler, HW tank.

Figure $500 to $1,000 for new parts: zone valves, backflow prevention valve, near boiler piping, manifolds, etc.

For a total of approx. $4,000 to $4,500.

Now I'm not saying every heating contractor will actually DO it for $4.5k, but get at least 6 estimates from various oil dealers, & heating contractors before you buy---it's also important to "prepare" the prospective installer by telling them that you have little or no income at the present time & have to have a quote in the $4k tp $5k range or it's no deal!

Many boiler installers will quote a price of $8k to $10k because they're in BUSINESS and have OVERHEAD COSTS of hiring installers, fuel delivery drivers, renting office space, truck fleet maintenance & maintaining a large service staff that has to be paid every week---if you can find a small outfit to do the install, they are in the position to charge you less.

Google "Boilers product list" & download the latest "Energy Star" boiler list of hundreds of good boilers---download the April 26,2010 version for the latest results.

Consult the Yellow Pages under "heating contractors" and "Oil Dealers" and have each one selected come into your home & size the building for the right capacity boiler that you need.

Also consult the Yellow Pages under "Oil Burners-Service & Repair"---this excellent list often has qualified technicians who can install & service boilers, but often are NOT connected with any oil company; they thus often have low overhead & are in a better position to give you a lower quote for an install than the oil companies or heating contractors.

I don't like the idea of contracting the homeowner to force you to buy the oil from the installer---granted this is often part of an ongoing annual service contract.

If there is no gas line to the building, one option is to buy 2 or 3 oil tanks for the cellar (if room & local codes allow) & buy all your oil on the "spot market" during the summer for approx $2/gal.

jim hankinson
Re: Buderus G115/34 installation cost

When using the premise that someone not affiliated with an oil company can do the job for less because they don't have the overhead you ignore the fact that these tradesmen also have overhead; liability insurance, health insurance, vehicle cost including insurance, rent or lease for an office plus operating costs for same, payroll for help, saving for the future (retirement fund) and the list goes on and on. Oil companies can actually do the job for less because they can tie service to continued oil sales.

If a homeowner buys their own boiler and parts who covers the warranty if/when something goes wrong or the wrong parts are purchased?

This is one of the ways so many people end up with bad installs and no follow up after the last payment is made. Who takes out the permits and waits around for the inspector to show up? A competent contractor who intends to be in business for awhile plans for all of this and will build in some excess to his labor costs in case something unexpected is encountered.

Ever watch "Holmes On Homes"? Great examples of contractors that either charge the right price and do a crap job or undercharge then have to fudge to compensate.

Re: Buderus G115/34 installation cost

First, let me congragulate Nashua Tech for one of the best posts I've seen on this board in a very long time.

Anyone in the market for a new heating system stands to save thousands over what they would if they followed hankinson's twisted & false argument.

Second, let me rebuke jim hankinson for one of the most twisted, distorted and false sets of arguments that just don't make any sense, and clearly show what most people on these boards already know....he represents the interests of the heating industry which is trying to ram down the throat of the homeowner the highest price for a new heating installation, that should often cost half of what is demanded.

Let's face it, the whole concept of Home Depot, Lowes and tens of millions of DIYrs really sticks in the craw of people like henkinson, who expect cash-strapped homeowners to hire a contractor for even minor repairs, and yes, the homeowner can even buy a boiler or furnace at HD or elsewhere for $1500 and have a licensed tech install it.

Last time I looked, we live in a free country, and can buy/not buy and hire/ not hire anyone we choose for HVAC equipment, the goal is a quality install at a reasonable price, which is a main function of having boards like TOH, which is designed for the DIYr, not big bucks corporations.

Isn't it a shame that we have someone like Nashua Tech who can teach us to obtain the wholesale and true cost of heating equipment by simply reearching the internet and other resources, and obtaining 6 quotes from various sources, including heating contractors and oil dealers in order to get a FAIR PRICE for a new installation!!!

Nowhere in the post does Nashua infer that the homowner need install the heating plant himself/herself, or lose unit warranty or violate code requirements.

The dumb argument by henkinson that a small, independent burner repair business has the same overhead and costs of a large oil dealership is ridiculous.

Yet henkinson is running around this board like henny penny screaming the "sky is falling"; apparently henkinson's solution is for the homeowner to accept the HIGHEST bid offered by the installer, which is ridiculous, unless you want to maximize heating industry mogul profits.

Can anyone imagine shopping for a big ticket item such as a house, a car or a heating system following henkinson's distorted logic????

Anyone for a $50k install for a Buderus????

Go back to sleep henkinson, you're already in bed with the high profit gang in the heating/HVAC industry, and it shows.

We don't want your industry monopoly prices here.

jim hankinson
Re: Buderus G115/34 installation cost

I've been active in the heating industry for 40 years and have seen this happen many, many times. I stand by what I said.

Re: Buderus G115/34 installation cost

Hey Jimbo, if it's been happening "many, many times", did it ever occur to you the problem is with YOU, and not the thousands of posters who use these boards???

Your mind is perhaps a little distorted if you've spent 40 years representing the side of heating mogul profit interests.

I agree with Nashua.

jim hankinson
Re: Buderus G115/34 installation cost

The only thing I was trying to point out was that Nashua Tech, in his own words, makes it a point to state that the oil companies are in "BUSINESS" and have "OVERHEAD COSTS". Any reputable company has the same costs.

I agree with him that at least a couple of quotes be obtained and each installer asked why their price is different form another, how they determined the correct equipment to install and what warranty they give with the equipment and labor.

I worked for myself for many years, not as a manufacturer's rep, but as an installer and service tech. I've seen and experienced the ups and downs of being in business. With each passing year, as big gov't adds more and more regulations and more and more paperwork is added to just being in business, ANY tradesperson, regardless of that trade, has increasingly higher overhead. New, higher efficiency equipment coming on the market requires training for it and, in somes cases, new equipment to correctly service it.

Re: Buderus G115/34 installation cost

C'mon Mr. hankinson, you're talking out of your backside if you expect us to believe it when you blame the gov't or overhead or any other lame excuses for overcharging the homeowner for an $8k to $12k install that can be done for half that.

How can you claim to be in this business for the years you state and not be honest about it with the thousands of people that read these boards.

You must have failed arithmetic in the 3rd grade if you can't do the basic additions that Nashua Tech has spelled out for us in his post above, or maybe you've just closed your mind to the interests and needs of the homeowners who get stuck overpaying for a heating system.

The fact of the matter is that many installers like you will quote whatever they feel the traffic will bear, just like dealerships do at the new and used car lots; this tactic won't work anymore where an accurate account of dealer costs can be easily obtained on the internet and elewhere.

What YOU'RE asking the homeowner to do is shut his/her eyes and mind and pay whatever estimate is given; well, the people that read these boards just aren't that stupid, though apparently you wish they were so you could maximize your profits.

I concur with the comments of Nashua Tech and Pelton, and strongly disagree with the "take it or leave it" attitude of hankinson.

Re: Buderus G115/34 installation cost

I was shocked to see the responses from this post especially from this web site whose back bone was built by the hands of trade professionals.

For starters the square footage of the house is not a appropriate question. Question should have been what was the heat loss and if one wasn't done have one done to ensure the adequate size of the boiler.

Secondly, stating pricing on labor without even seeing the job is very irresponsible and provides the perception that every install should cost the same.

Third, your dictation of what a professional should charge or how to manipulate a contractor is very unprofessional. Your statements unprofessionalize the heating contractor. You say his expertise has no value. Who is this homeowner going to call at 2:00 in the morning when he has no heat? Will Pex Supply or any other internet supplier come to his door? Will you?

I agree that the homeowner should get multiple quotes. I would also tell this homeowner that he should ask for a heat loss to be done. Most contractors I know do it when they go on an estimate. Do you not think that is worth anything? How about the consultation with this homeowner. Like, Mr Jones I did the heat loss and compared that with your exisiting radiation, This boiler allows for some lower return water temps than exisiting pin-style boilers and we could give you the option of out-door reset based off this heating curve that could save you another xx percent. Can your internet supplier do that for you? Or, Mr Jones we could use a Grundfoss Alpha pump as your system pump. This will allow the pump to increase or decrease its speed dependent on when zones open or close. The advantage is that you can get a better and more consistent delta-t (heat transfer)and since it's a ecm pump much lower electrical usage. Can your internet supplier do that? No, what you want is for me to provide him with all this information at no cost so he can then use that information to shop my price?

See your comments minimize the importance of a heating professional and I find that very offensive and honestly a dis-service to this orginal poster. By him stating that he is interested in the Buderus he is interested in saving fuel and you should be providing him the best advice not just about the price but about his system.

In my market are the price he is getting is reasonable. Could he find a better price sure and I would again recommend to him that he gets a few quotes but to send him off on a price hunt is foolish.

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