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Bubbling toilet

My toilet bubbles when the bathtub is drained or the washer is running and draining. I'm on septic and had a clog that was removed which didn't solve the bubbling problem. Wondering if it could be a venting problem.

Re: Bubbling toilet

It certainly sounds like a venting problem.

Curious .... where is the washing machine located?

Re: Bubbling toilet

Washing machine is located on other side of wall behind sink and toilet. Vent to roof from the toilet, sink and washer is in wall between sink/toilet and washer.

Re: Bubbling toilet

Could use a little more info. Does it go vent stack, toilet, washer service into the line in that order? Does it only bubble when the washer discharges?

A bubbling toilet is a sign that there is not free flow somewhere in that leg. Either the vent has a birds nest in it, or the lateral from the washer is a 'tee' rather than angled, or there is gunk in the pipe downstream from the washer, or the pipe's simply too small, or an eblow too close to the washer. Any of these, all of these can combine to give a headache.

The easiest is to make sure the vent pipe is clear. With a proper vent in a proper location there should never be any gurgle or bubbles in a toilet. A clue to a vent is sometimes watching the toilet flush....does it appear to refill to level and then all of a sudden draw itself down a bit? Thats a sign of a non-breathing system, ergo vent issues.

next step would be to roto-rooter from the washer well into the central drainage system. Laundry detergent soaps can make wondrous stallagmites in pipe, especially at elbows

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