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Brown and burned grass?


I live in Boston and am struggling to keep my front yard looking good. Last fall and this spring the yard was looking decent and had a nice feel and green color. This summer it is looking totally burned out and brown (see attached pics). However, it is not the whole yard and started only in spots. My backyard looks nice and green and is growing well and we have had plenty of rain. However, my front yard is struggling. I put down some Scott's fertilizer a couple of weeks ago and I'm wondering if that caused the grass to burn out. The grass does get a good amount of sun and is not constantly wet so I don't think mold or fungus is a problem. Could there be a problem with the soil? I have a small Japanese Maple planted in the yard and it isn't dying, but doesn't seem to be growing either. Could there be problems with some yard pests or a problem with soil compaction?

Any advice or suggestions about what the problem is and how it might be fixed would be appreciated.

Re: Brown and burned grass?

You could have burned it with thr fertilizer. You might have japanese beetle grubs. They eat the roots & the grass just dies. Dig up some healty grass & look for grubs. If so an incecticde like dylox is needed.

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