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Broken bolt

I have a oil furnace with a hot water coil. The furnace started leaking water. I removed the cover and found that the plate that covers coil chamber was rusted and leaking. I had to cut off the heads of ten bolts holding the plate on. How can I remove the cut off bolts from the housing? Should I try to use a easyout or try to drill them out and retap, or is there some other way to get the cutoff bolts out so I can put a new plate on.

Re: Broken bolt

u can try an easy out,but i havnt much luck,you will probably end up drilling and tapping

Re: Broken bolt

There is a tool that you can use in your drill that backs out screws that have stripped heads. I got mine at sears. First put some wd 40 or something to get rid of the rust and let it sit for awhile. Then drill out the center of the bolts, a little smaller than the back out tool. then put your drill on reverse and on slow speed. Push hard on the drill and try to back out the bolt, SLOWLY. I hope it works. If not the drill and tap.

Re: Broken bolt

good suggestions so far... I've actually have pretty good luck with easy-outs, though have also had plenty of failures. One method I've used as a last reort (automotive) is to weld a nub on the bolt heads and grab that with vice grips... bang, lot's to grab and twist. Apply liquid wrench AFTER you weld and let that site for several hours if at all possible.

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