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Dan in Philly
Bright Light with No Wiring

The bathroom in our house does not have enough light where it counts, on your face as you stand at the sink to shave, etc. We live in a rental so I cannot put in a new fixture wired into the house. I've been looking for LED fixtures that run on batteries, but I figure they will not be very bright and will need the batteries changed too often.

I thought I'd check on here and see if anyone has any good ideas for bright, directed light without wiring.

There is an outlet nearby, though running a cord to it would be ugly, I'd live it if I had to I guess, but would prefer not to.

Re: Bright Light with No Wiring

Check out LED wireless lights - amazing products with powerful lights. In stores or on line.

Re: Bright Light with No Wiring

We use very small LED flashlights for camping. Every year they get smaller. The batteries seem to last long after we have lost the flashlight.

Re: Bright Light with No Wiring

I just ordered a 3-LED light strip that can be plugged in or run on six AA batteries for an undercabinet application. Maybe something like that would work for you.

Re: Bright Light with No Wiring
Dan in Philly wrote:

We live in a rental so I cannot put in a new fixture wired into the house.

Have you asked the owner if you could have this done? Many don't mind nice upgrades like this so long as you leave it when you move out or replace the stored original then. Even if you plan DIY, approach this with them seeming as if you're going to have a qualified Pro do the work so that they won't have any worries over improper installation- this presuming that you know how to do this simple job properly yourself. And being in a wet location don't ignore the grounds!


Re: Bright Light with No Wiring

A "Coleman"-style gas lantern (or an "Aladdin" lamp) is quite bright and doesn't need wires or batteries. However, you or your landlord may not appreciate a lighting fixture that uses fire.

Re: Bright Light with No Wiring

Another idea might be surrounding the sink area with an LED strip. depending on how fancy you get these 12 volt strips are available with an adhesive back, colored bulbs, remote control, dimmer etc. and can easily be safely installed by anyone with little electrical skills. The power supplies just plug into a 120 receptacle and a 15 ft strip, power can be purchased for as low as $50.

I've started using them in my work van because they draw so little power and can run right off the battery with a small fuse.

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