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Brick Walkway Set With Dirt?

This is my first post, so hopefully I do it correctly. I live in home that I am renting...I recently got two golden retreiver puppies. We live in the city and a brick walkway is currently installed (but needs work). When it rains the puppies are getting muddy because the filler between the bricks is dirt. They are also digging between them to get roots out as they are growing between the bricks, another thing I would like to stop. I was wondering if there was a sealant or something to put on this walkway that #1 would not harm the puppies and #2 would keep the mud to a minimum. I am not opposed to resetting the bricks if need be, but don't want to spend a ton of money on a house that we only rent. I am free to do what I want to the place so that is not a concern.

If you have any ideas I would appreciate that you pass them my way. Thank you for your help and thanks for allowing me to become part of your community!:)

A. Spruce
Re: Brick Walkway Set With Dirt?

Pull the bricks up, dig out any roots within a foot of either side of the walkway, level and compact the pathway with the existing dirt. Scrap/wash the attached mud/dirt from the brick, the reset the bricks with no space between them. Done - free!

Technically, there should be a base placed under the brick that extends below the frost line. It should be compacted in layers then the bricks set on top. There is a sweepable sand you can used to fill small cracks and voids if you wish. This route, of course is much more work and has added expense. The main benefit is that the walkway will be more stable for a longer period of time than merely placing them on top of the ground as in the first suggestion.

Re: Brick Walkway Set With Dirt?

Putting the bricks up tight to each other is a good idea, when you can get them up tight. I've had problems doing that on occasion and I've used the sweepable sand that Mr. Spruce talks about. You can buy it by the bag at Home Depot, in the building supplies dept. You can just pour it on the cracks and push it around with a broom. It'll be cleaner so that when the dogs get into it, they won't get as dirty like they do now. Also, you can re-do it periodically if the sand washes down and away. It's pretty cheap, just not free.

Good Luck.

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