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Re: breaker tripping
canuk wrote:

When a tripped breaker snaps to and stays in the *off/open* it's easily identified since it's in the oposite position than the others. Besides , isn't a tripped breaker in the off or open position?
The type you describe have gone the way of the dinosaurs around here --- sounds like you guys down south are still in the stone age. ;):D

So, when you see a breaker that is "off", how do you tell is it was tripped or turned off?:confused:


Re: breaker tripping

Why would have breakers that are simply turned off :confused:
In my panel all breakers are being used ( on ) so if one trips it's very easy to see the one that's in an opposite postion -- tripped

Re: breaker tripping

in my experience if it were tripped you could not turn the breaker on without turning into the off position first.

Re: breaker tripping

Good point Jack

Re: breaker tripping

Yikes -- i never thought this would turn into a never ending story.

I tried to qualify my earlier post by saying -- if the breaker is designed to be the type that snaps to the *open/off* postion ---

Without beating this topic to death ---

It seems you folks down in the US still use the type that trips to a *neutral* postion -- fine and dandy.

All I'm saying is the type used here which snap to the *open/off* postion when tripped work perfectly fine with no confusion, Besides, it saves one step to simply move the lever to the *on/closed* postion --- as simple as a light switch --- can't get much simplier than that.

Re: breaker tripping

Just because I fancy beating topics to death...

I may have breakers turned off that are simply no longer connected to anything (abandoned circuits), perhaps an unfinished project going on in another part of the building or detached garage. Might even have a circuit dedicated to Christmas lights that I keep turned off the rest of the year.

I like the "tripped" position breakers. Like Jack said, you can tell what was tripped from what is simply off.

Also, here in the great US Southwest, it's not uncommon to have a panel installed externally. Tripped/off can let you know if you have a problem, or a problem neighbor kid that likes to play with your breakers. :)


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