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Bracelet In Sink

I dropped a bracelet in a sink a year ago. there have been no issues with the sink. I talked to people here at work and the bracelet is not in the elbow-- should I still be worried??

A. Spruce
Re: Bracelet In Sink

If it's not in the trap and you don't have any other persistent clogs, the bracelet has probably moved on to that big sewage treatment plant in the sky. ;)

Re: Bracelet In Sink

OK, this really has nothing to do with a bracelet in a sink, but apparently I have to learn the nuances of this new TOH forum!! I see some of the familiar handles from the old forum. Also looks like the old one is being cleared out . . . so sad. Couldn't really find an appropriate place to put this comment, so here it is.

williams 191
Re: Bracelet In Sink


Yes, I agree it is sad. there are a lot of added features to the new site, and they're still ironing all the bugs out.

Sadly, I'm afraid you might find it a lot more hostile than the former board, a lot like the Old West of Dodge City or the O.K. Corral, or maybe Tombstone.

You might run into gunslingers here & there. you see, many think they're God's gift to home improvement--the first and last word on any topic--- and they can be very trigger-happy.

Everyone wants to be a "SENIOR MEMBER", and walk around with a superiority complex over everyone else.

I've heard comments from the "pros" from the former board that they wern't signing up for this one when they saw all the gunplay.

As in the days of the Old West, everyone's waiting for the "town fathers" to hire a a sherrif and a few deputies to keep everyone in check, but it hasn't happened yet.

Welcome to the new site-- watch your back!

As for the bracelet, I hear Billy the Kid has it, and he's in the saloon quaffing rot-gut whiskey.

Re: Bracelet In Sink

Well they say they are going to get some moderators but so far none, and the administrators don't seem to be on often. Plus it seems to take a long time to get an answer from them if at all.

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