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Bowl of RIce Krispies

My house snaps, crackles, and pops (hence, Rice Krispies)!! It's very disconcerting. I bought the house in July and did some renovation, including removing a wall and adding a roof-mounted HVAC unit with new ducting. Now, especially when the heater comes on for the day and then when it shuts off for the night, I hear loud cracks, pops, and snaps; loud enough to wake me from sleep. What might be causing this and how can I quiet my house down??

Re: Bowl of RIce Krispies

There are a lot of things that could be causing the noise. The duct work is cooling and contracting. The house is settling after the blower is turned off and sort of depressurizes. The HVAC is too much for your roof to take (too great a load) and it is causing the roof to move. I could go on but nothing I could say would be an improvement. You probably should spend some time in your ceiling/attic and chase the noise to get the source localized.

Re: Bowl of RIce Krispies

Thanks for the reply. This HVAC system was permitted by the city and I would think they wouldn't have approved something that my roof wouldn't support. In addition to the wall removal and ceiling-mounted HVAC, I also installed a new sprinkler system, which might also be contributing the settling factor. I haven't noticed any cracks in the walls on the inside or outside, nor the ceiling. I won't be able to physically get up into the attic myself, so I'll one of my sons when they are here for Christmas. What kind of signs should I be on the lookout for up in the attic?

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