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Bowed walls

What are my options for a bowing wall? The deflection looks to be about 1 1/2 inches. Can this safely be fixed?

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Re: Bowed walls

the question is what is causing them to bow. anything can safely be fixed, i think the question should be why did this happen and what has to be done to fix it. obviously we can't give you any advice without examining the situation. i would advise you to have a good contractor or engineer come over to take a look at it.

1-1/2" is definitely enough of a bow to raise a red flag. get it checked out and let us know what's found.

Re: Bowed walls

I tell my customers that there is nothing that my skills and their money can't achieve.

As was said, you need to bring out a keen eyed framer / contractor / engineer to determine the cause.

I shy away from engineers as they sit at a desk too much. You need someone who actually has been in the field before.

Re: Bowed walls

I recently viewed a bowed brick foundation wall that made me run around the corner for fear of having the house land on top of me :eek: 1 1/2" is very serious, get a contractor on it ASAP and if they think immediate bracing is needed to prevent disaster get it done, then get bids and suggestions on a proper repair separately. You shouldn't need an engineer if you've got a good experienced contractor but if it's a soil settlement problem under the foundation an engineer may be in order.


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