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A. Spruce
Re: Bosch Miter Saws/Roof Pitch

Gotcha now, you were talking about companion angles 60/30, 45/45, etc. I thought you were talking about the 2 degree incremental marks from 0 to 45. I think this is the first time I've seen companion angle markings.

Re: Bosch Miter Saws/Roof Pitch

Hmmmm Interesting youve never seen it before. All saws had both settings for yrs.

My first saw was a Rockwell model 34-010,bought it in the late 1970's. It only had a 9" blade would only pivot left and right. Compound saws were unherd of back then that I remember.

Found this Article.
Welcome to Tools of the Trade's third annual Hall of Fame.

Ed Niehaus
Designed the first ***** miter saw for Rockwell in 1964.

Early in 1964, Rockwell Manufacturing Co. gave one of its tool design engineers a unique challenge: create a whole new tool category. The project fell to Ed Niehaus, who worked in the company's Pittsburgh facility.

"They asked me to design a tool that would do the same jobs as a standard handsaw miter box, using a motor-*****ed saw instead," recalls Niehaus. The company specified that the tool must be able to crosscut and miter a 2x4 and must also miter a piece of standard crown molding.

"They showed me a sketch of an idea from somewhere. It showed the saw moving in an up-and-down motion, and I think it was on tracks of some kind," says Niehaus. "I thought it might be difficult to keep that design stable, so I tried mounting the saw on a pivoting arm that brought it down into the wood in an arc."

Niehaus added a spring that returned the saw's arm to the top of the arc after the user let go. He also invented a housing that kept the spring in place and working even if it broke, and designed a clear plastic blade guard that slid out of the way as the blade plunged into the work. The table was made of wood to allow the blade to plunge through the work. If the table got too chewed up from cutting lots of miter angles, the user could simply replace it.

Niehaus's design also incorporated some pretty advanced features, such as a dust port for a vacuum pickup and a blade brake. The blade brake is that button you can see on top of the handle, where you might find a safety switch on a modern saw.

After three years of product development and production tooling, Rockwell introduced the model 34-010 ***** miter saw. It sported a 9-inch blade. The new tool quickly became a best seller, outselling all the other tools in Rockwell's line.

"We couldn't believe the sales numbers," says Niehaus. "They increased every year. That's when we knew we were really onto something." Amazingly, the company didn't actually patent the idea, which would have protected it from the competition for several years. When rival companies realized the miter saw's staggering popularity, they all brought out their own versions of the tool. That wave of innovation continues today, and ***** miter saws of all sorts are fixtures on jobsites around the world.


Re: Bosch Miter Saws/Roof Pitch

Very informative posting thanks !!!!

Re: Bosch Miter Saws/Roof Pitch

in regards to the compound saws, i believe they didnt show up until late 80's if not the 90's

Re: Bosch Miter Saws/Roof Pitch

Ahem, you also need roof pitch angles for the rake boards, etc.
It also would be nice if you were building a redwood gazebo of 12' diameter or less. But then you'd probably have converted the pitch of the octagon rafters to degrees, so yeah, it seems to have limited applications, and probably clutters the degree scale, and it can't cut a birdsmouth.

Re: Bosch Miter Saws/Roof Pitch

On the subject of Miter Saws,,,the other day a friend was using a Milwaukee....GeeZuss that thing was heavy. Most PRO saws have compound settings and slide rails so why are the saws being made so darn big?

Makita has a new saw out that weighs a little under 29 pounds that looks like it will handle the majority of task....



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