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Boring white house

We have a 1955 Cape-Cod-ish 1.5 story house. The previous owner chose white steel siding with white trim and a light gray roof. We love our house, and it had everything we needed except style. Do you have any ideas for how we can practically make our bland house look better without re-siding and re-roofing the whole thing?

I'd post a picture but the board won't let me.

Re: Boring white house

Choosing exterior finishes and colors is something very personal. What looks good to me may look aweful to you...

Drive around your city, take pictures of homes you like, check nice homes on line, look at magazines and homes for sale, talk to architects and exterior designers.. You see, you can ideas from many sources.

One thing you don't want to do is to be a misfit to your area.

Re: Boring white house

What about painting the front door to add some color? A bold, bright color could change things dramatically with minimal time, effort, or cost and if you don't like it you can just repaint it the way it was.

Re: Boring white house

I would paint the doors, and if you use (or would like to put up) curtains that can be seen easily through the windows, some bold or darker colored curtains.

I would try and avoid painting the exterior steel if it is pre-painted because those finishes are very sturdy from the factory. No reason to want to mess it up (plus if you had to scuff the finish up to add paint it might void any corrosion resistance warranty.

Re: Boring white house

Have you seen the HGTV 2009 Dream House? It's all white, and spectacular.
We just bought a house that has some awkward colors (tan and rust brown/red), and we're looking to paint it all white. Should look great.
The 2009 Dream House:

Here's our new (old) place:

Re: Boring white house

We were in the same situation as you are. (Bought a house because it had everything we needed, but little curb appeal.)

This year, on the front, we added shutters, a porch swing, and windowboxes. It is incredible what a difference it makes. Good luck.

Re: Boring white house

I agree with resourcenation

Re: Boring white house

Painting the house is a great way to put color on the property, but you should also consider landscaping. Maybe placing flowers, trees, or other types of greenery can brighten up your home :)

Re: Boring white house

I'll throw out the obvious things, just so they are said--
One of the easiest things to do would be to add colored accents and/or trim to the exterior.
The easiest would be to accent with colored shutters around windows and paint/change the door (as someone else noted).
Another step that would allow you to keep cost low would be to only change the corner and/or window trim pieces of trim to add a visual accent; much like the picture of zipkruse's tan/rust colored house, but naturally in a color that pleases you.
This is something that you can typically do yourself quite easily, depending on what sort of odd angles or detail flashing might be on your house.

You can also change soffit and so forth, but it will not necessarily give a strong accent to your house from a distance, since it does not face outward.

Re: Boring white house

Thanks for all the ideas.

Here's a picture now that I can post pictures!

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