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Bookcase alcove


Can anyone clarify how the bookcase alcove featured in the March 2009 issue is actually hung on the walls? A hanging strip is mentioned, but it doesn't specify which piece is attached to the strip, or how it is attached. Additionally, the photo shows another piece of wood that looks like a hanging strip at the bottom of the shelves, but it is not mentioned in the diagram.


Re: Bookcase alcove

I don't have the March edition anymore but there are a copule of ways to hang the cabinets with a cleat on tghe wall. Normal kitchen cabinets have a 1x3 or 1x4 attached to the top/inside and this is screwed to the studs in the wall. If you'd like to have the cabinets hanging on the walls and be removable, you can use a French cleat. Basically, take a 1x6 or 1x8 and rip it down the center. When you rip it, do it on a 45degree angle. Now you have a male/female cleat. Install the first one on the inside of the cabinet. Make sure you anchor it securely inside the outside edges of the cabinet with the "hook" facing down. Now screw the other half of the 1x to the wall. Leave the hook on the top edge. Now you have two pieces of wood with corresponding angles that will allow the top to slide down onto the bottom and hang on the wall. It's a great way to hang a cabinet in a non-permanent way.

Good Luck.

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