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Boiler Replacement

My oil boiler is 20 years old and I fear is close to requiring replacement. I'm wanting to know what is the best, most efficient, and price friendly boiler system to install. I have limited space as the boiler has to fit in a garage closet space of 53" x 43" with a 16" x 18" chimney taking up the rear left corner of the closet space. I'm wondering if it is possible to fit an indirect water tank over the boiler in order to take advantage of not keeping boiler temperature in the summer months. My current oil boiler has an internal coil for domestic water and supplies heat to a second floor 1000sq condo thru one hot water base board zone. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Boiler Replacement

I would get at least 4 to 6 estimates from various sources before you decide---there's a lot of different types of equipment available that will suit your needs, & the prices will vary sharply with each estimate.

Consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Contractors", and also under "Fuel Oil Dealers", "Oil Burner Repair", etc.---also consult relatives & friends who might have had a recent install & can be trusted---oil dealers are licensed to install both oil-fired & gas-fired equipment.

The boiler with a coil for the domestic hot water is a no no; you'll only get a gallon or so out of this which is inadequate even for a single person household---it's the BOILERS that are coming down in weight & size, many of them now the size of a large suitcase, and often stainless steel innards instead of cast iron---these are often wall-hung, & if needed, can be wall hung above a 30 gal or 40 gal indirect HW heater by Triangle Tube Phase 3, or HTP Superstor, or Weil-McLain G-o-l-d Plus, or TFI Everhot, or budget, Amtrol Boiler Mate.

If you have a natural gas pipeline going to your house, there are better options for condensing boilers & stainless steel boilers that run clean on gas & avoid the expensive annual cleaning that is required of oil-fired boilers.

However, a good option for you due to your limited space may be a "combi boiler" by Biasi Riva B10 which runs on gas or oil & has its own internal tank for making domestic hot water.

I also like boilers by Viessmann (expensive), Buderus, Burnham, Crown, Dunkirk, New Yorker, Peerless, Slant/Fin, Smith, Utica, Weil-McLain.

Due to the large internal diameter of your chimney, the installer may have to install a stainless steel FLUE LINER (approx. $1k installed) so that the hot exhaust gases of the new boiler can escape out the top of the chimney----new boilers are more efficient & thus emit cooler exhaust gases.

Re: Boiler Replacement

I would be more concerned with finding the right installer. It's usually the indian and not the arrow that causes problems.

Are for your indirect issue there are horizonal indirects that you can mount the boiler on top such as the Crown MSH or Viessmann Hori-Cell. Since this is oil I would suggest a 3-pass boiler that is 87% efficiency such as the Viessmann Vitorond 100 (same price as these others), Burnham MPOIQ, Crown CT, Biasi B-10 or SG, Buderus G115.

Re: Boiler Replacement

Thank you both for the info. In the past few hours I seem to have taken a turn toward being highly interested in possibly getting a wall mounted condensing oil boiler. I'm also a big fan of the idea of a tankless domestic water system. Can these be run off of oil as well? Again, these seem to make great sense due to the very small closet space in which all this has to fit. I'd be greatful for any comments you might have here.

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