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Boiler issue

Hi All:
I just had a 200,ooobtu steam boiler installed. When the water heats up the boiler shut off and the water leaves the boiler running back into the return line and floods the radiators on the lower level. Then the automatic water light comes on and the boiler is looking for water, to replace what has left. We have to keep a shut off value on to prevent more water feed the boiler. If we don't the entire house would be flooded. The water does return back and the cycle being again.
I have talk to 5 different plumbers about this problem. Just in case you ask what about the guys who install it. DON'T. TOTALY CLUELESS.
Any way, my return line from the main was 1 1/4" copper and was reduce to 1". Never had a problem like this with my old boiler. I was told that my return line should be all 1 1/4" black pipe. So we changed it, and nothing change. And if you ask the question did I have it skimmed (YES). We remove all the oil from the boiler/pipes.
Its like some type of pressure is pushing the water out as the steam goes up

Does anyone have suggestion as to why this could happing and how to fix it?


Re: Boiler issue

Without being able to see how it's piped it's hard to give you a solation. It sounds like the stem pressure is pushing the water out of the boiler and back up the return line. Most one pipe stem boilers have what is called a Hartford loop. There are a couple of reasons for that to be done. One is to prevent the problem that you are having.


Re: Boiler issue

questions before i can answer
1) Is this a one or two pipe steam system ?.
2) do you have a condensate pump, tank ?
3) is there a check valve between the condensate tank or pump and the boiler.
4) is there a solenoid on that same line?
Photos of the piping would help.

I hoped you did not pay this Guy any money he is not a plummer and guys like this unlicensed guy give real plumbers a bad name .

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