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I just bought a 1927 bungalow and it looks like it has the original boiler-it is a BEAST! Everything is working fine at this point but what do I need to know when I need to replace it? Also, how can I add central air to my home?

Re: boiler

Any HVAC contractor can handle the task. Almost all boilers operate at about an 82% efficiency and the hi efficiency ones operate at 90% plus. Your current boiler is probably operating at about a 50% efficiency. Central air will be difficult because you have no ductwork and could be very expensive and would have to be a competely separate system. If you go to that trouble you may consider abandoning your boiler system entirely and going with forced air/AC.

Re: boiler

Thanks for your response, I appreciate your time.

Heat Loss

The most important thing you need to know is the heat loss and since you want a/c heat gain of the home. Without them you cannot properly size either a boiler or a/c system.

You may want to look at ductless units if this is a small home. They provide much higher efficiencies then traditional duct systems. www.fujitsugeneral.com is a place to start for them. You can look for factory authorized contractors in your area. Your also able to see what training each contractor has taken and any customer reviews on them.

As for the boiler if this is a gas job. Would look at a condensing boiler that will provide efficiencies upto 96%.

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