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Blue Wood

I recently saw a TV program that showed treated lumber that was blue.

After doing the Google thing I found the company web-site : http://www.bluwood.com/

Has anyone used this product and any feedback as to costs , etc. ?

A. Spruce
Re: Blue Wood

Well, they've got the fear mongering part of their ad campaign down.

Before touching that stuff, what exactly are those coatings? What are the toxicity levels due physical handling of the product (someone has to touch it to build the home) as well as off gassing over time (someones going to live in it too)?

Re: Blue Wood

Nope. Never heard of it. When I want wood blue, I either paint it or get out the trans-tint dyes. :)

Blue color makes me think it's copper based.

I get a kick outta the warranty page. Note that the warranty is one big paragraph that causes your eyes to cross before you're 1/4 of the way done reading it.

What isn't covered is broken into nice little paragraphs/sentences.....and, of course, contains the obligatory reference to acts of God. Also there is this line....."Any other chemical or biological factors or conditions". Does this mean that if you coat with a water repellent that the warranty is voided.......if they so choose?

Oh and this really bolsters my confidence in the product......

" This Lifetime Limited Warranty shall become immediately void and no effect, and shall not be reinstated if a Covered Structure is abandoned, not properly maintained or protected from the weather by the original residential owner/occupant or qualified successor(s) in interest for a period exceeding ninety (90) days"

90 days? Must be some good stuff. :D

"Damage resulting from an owner's failure to comply with the inspection and maintenance requirements set out in this Lifetime Limited Warranty"

Can't use it for direct ground contact either. Great.

They tout the protection it offers against termite damage on the face page, but then this in the warranty......

"To maintain the warranty against wood ingesting insects, (if required by local building codes) complete soil treatment ( or other code approved Primary Termite Treatment) with an EPA approved termiticide must be performed prior to construction by a certified pest control operator licensed to perform such work in the state in which the property is located. Termite treatments must meet state and local building code requirements for treatment applications. Soil treatments must cover foundation, around postholes, under floors of slab construction and around the perimeter of slabs and foundation. The owner shall obtain a Subterranean Termite Re-Treatment Agreement and Pest Control Bond from a reputable pest control company effective throughout the term of this Lifetime Warranty and requiring re-treatment and repair of any structural damage by the pest control company. The owner shall claim against such bond before making a claim against WoodSmart. WoodSmart's liability shall be for damage in excess of that covered by such bond."

Musta hired CYA, Inc. to write the warranty.

A. Spruce
Re: Blue Wood

You read far deeper into those pages than I, Goldie, yet seem to have come to the same conclusion, and that is - what's the point? All of their product claims are voided if the house isn't properly maintained and treated against mold and critter? Why buy it then, since MOST structural damage is due to neglect and non-treatment of the property to begin with.

Like you, if I wanted a Smurf house, I can apply my own blue paint and dyes. :D:D

Re: Blue Wood

one big paragraph that causes your eyes to cross before you're 1/4 of the way done reading it.


a Smurf house,

LOL ... that's exactly what I thought :eek:

Btw ... that's why it's called a "Limited Warranty" .... very:D

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