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Blue board / veneer plaster crack repair???

I recently bought a home built in 1949 with blue board and veneer plaster, that has an 1/8" wide crack running from a doorway about 15" diagonally to the ceiling...

Looking around online I saw I should clean out the loose material, and widen the crack in a v-shape to give the patching material more room to bond to.

I read the article on here, Plaster Repair Made Easier, but it, as most all information I've found, seems to target plaster on lath, not blue board and veneer plaster.

I didn't discover that we had veneer plaster until after starting the repair, and now I'm wondering what I should do...

Should I take more plaster off, repair the blue board as though it were drywall and re plaster over the repair, or follow advice for a plaster and lath wall??

Re: Blue board / veneer plaster crack repair???

i think the simplest way would be to apply a fiber mesh tape that is used to but over drywall joints over the crack then replaster as best as you can over the craked area with a one coat veneer plaster.

Re: Blue board / veneer plaster crack repair???

I would use a sandable setting type joint compound. Mix it a little stiff and prefill the crack then I would cover it with mesh tape and do the three coats over that and make it wide on the last 2 coats to help feather it out. A diagonal crack in veneer plaster seems odd due:confused: to the fact it comes in 4x8 sheets. Hope this helps.:)

Re: Blue board / veneer plaster crack repair???

Looking at it further, and talking to the previous homeowner, it sounds like it may be a seasonal problem - crack opens up in the fall, and closes back up in the spring.

I'm going to patch it for now... When spring comes around, we're redoing the kitchen on the other side of the cracked wall, I'm going to open up the wall (wallboard on that side) and see what's going on.

Come to think of it, the other side hasn't cracked - odd...

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