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Blow-in insulation over knob and tube

Howdy all,
There have been numerous posts about K&T, and I have read through several of these. However, I would like to get some of your opions on my particular situation. We have K&T in the attic and the walls. A previous owner blew insulation into the attic that covered all of the K&T. Under the house (accessed by a crawl space), there are several vintages of romex that power the wall outlets.

Currently we don't have any problems. However, I am concerned about safety. I received three quotes to re-wire the entire house. It is very expensive as many of you know: $8,000 to $12,000. Two of the contractors said they would have to replace the relay panel.

What are your thoughts? Mainly I'm concerned about that blow-in insulation over the K&T. At a minimum can I bypass that with romex?

I appreciate any comments or thoughts on this.
Fort Worth, TX

Re: Blow-in insulation over knob and tube

Yep ... there is an expense to rewiring a home but there comes with that piece of mind you have safer electrical and more flexable for current and future needs ( also resale value ).

If I'm not mistaken your electrical code doesn't allow K&T to be covered over with insulation.
There would be 2 main entities that would dictate the need for rewiring .... the local building department and your home insurance company.

2 cents worth.:)

Re: Blow-in insulation over knob and tube

I think you mean peace of mind. Piece of mind is what you get when you try to refute somebody else's post on here.

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