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Blotchy Dull Patches on High-Gloss paint project

I recently painted a piece of wood furniture with a high-gloss paint. I started by giving the piece a light sanding, wiped it down, then applied a coat of primer and 3 coats of high-gloss paint.

I've noticed that the surface has a very uneven appearance -- there are areas where I see that nice "mirrored" finish, surrounded by other areas that look dull, rough and blotchy.

Not sure what went wrong or if there is any way to fix it other than completely sanding down and starting again?

A. Spruce
Re: Blotchy Dull Patches on High-Gloss paint project

Odds are that you sanded more in some areas than others, leaving behind a combination of old finish patches and bare, fresh wood. The bare wood will absorb finishes, whereas the patches of finish won't, resulting in a hi (over finish) and low (over bare wood) sheen.

You will probably get it to even out by allowing the finish to fully cure, then applying another coat. Everything you've applied so far should have sealed the porous areas, another top coat should even out the finish.

Re: Blotchy Dull Patches on High-Gloss paint project

If you used an oil paint, did you stir it thoroughly? Oil paints have gloss controlling agents in them. If not stirred, it can give uneven gloss. Same for varnishes. That milky looking stuff on the bottom of the can controls the gloss.

Re: Blotchy Dull Patches on High-Gloss paint project

The best results are found by giving a light all-over sanding after the priming is dry because sometimes it raises the grain of woods. If that cuts through the primer, repeat the process. Gloss finishes are highly dependent on the surface finish under them being equal and smooth throughout.

With where you are now I'd sand what you've got to equal smoothness then try another top coat- that should do the trick.


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