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Bleeding Stain Advice Needed

Last year I bought a 1920's condo and I have been slowly renovating. In several rooms I have this extremely dark almost burgandy/black stained doors and trim. I am going for a more modern look so I wanted to paint the trims Swiss Coffee(off white). I used Kiltz and a primer before painting 2 coats and unfortunately after a few months the reddish stain seeped through. Someone told me to try using a silver based paint before painting the white. It healped hold off the stain a little longer but eventually it started bleeding through. In some areas I have several (5-7) coats of paint and primer and I am getting frustrated. Does anyone know how I can get rid of this problem. Do I have to strip everthing off again and have to start over? Please help I am getting desperate and wishing for the day I can sit back and finally enjoy the finished project.

Desperately seeking stain blocking:(

A. Spruce
Re: Bleeding Stain Advice Needed

For stubborn stains like that, you need a pigmented shellac such as

The stains won't bleed through this type of product. Also works well for ink and other stain type things on walls. Apply the shellac then apply your top coat.

Re: Bleeding Stain Advice Needed

Thanks A. Spruce. I will give B I N a shot. Keeping my fingers crossed and maybe for Christmas instead of visions of bleeding stains I might actually have visions of sugar plums dancing through my head.

Thanks again,


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