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Bleach Smell Is Running Me Out of my Home!

My wife and son have complained from time to time about the bleach smell that they perceive since our new HVAC system was installed. I thought they were smelling something else as I couldn' really pick it up. But lately, especially when we're experiencing rain or high humidity here in St. Louis the smell is overwhelming to me--burning my eyes. My dealer says he has no idea what could be causing it. I don't smell bleach in the sewer cover where the coil drain hose goes. However, I do smell it when I stick my nose around the evaporator. We haven't used bleach in the house or in the laundry recently either.

It's a 20 yr old frame house with a new 90+ Rheem AC and furnace installed 7/07. It intakes and exhausts air from PVC pipes on the side of the house. White Rdogers Premium elecric air cleaner and germicidal uvbulb (UVW100).

If the evaporator coil was leaking the R-410A refrigerant, could that cause the smell?

If you were me, who would you call to troubleshoot something like this? A plumber, another HVAC dealer (already did that and got same result), remodeler?

Re: Bleach Smell Is Running Me Out of my Home!

Simple question to ask your hvac tech - Did they put drain tablets or a chemsock in the drain pan?This is done to prevent crud build up in the drain pan.

Re: Bleach Smell Is Running Me Out of my Home!

Thanks for the reply.:)

If they did put the tablets or chemsock in the drain pain that might be causing the bleach smell? or if they didn't that might be causing the bleach smell?:confused:

Further troubleshooting:
I turned off the UV bulb device and the electronic air cleaner and have experienced substantial rain days here since, but without the smell. I'm about to turn one of these devices back on, but haven't decided which to start with.

Re: Bleach Smell Is Running Me Out of my Home!

Some chemical tablets are chlorine base.With a UV light cooking them all day It could release a bleach smell. But this is only a guess. No one can trouble shoot this problem over the internet only give you suggestions.

Re: Bleach Smell Is Running Me Out of my Home!

We had the same issue for months. Finally had our AC guy take a look. It was a simple fix...turn off the electronic filter!

He called the smell Ozone. Sure enough, as soon as he turned off our electronic air filter, the smell went away.

The smell was consistant with a bleech oder, and even seem to give me a slight headache.

If you have a new AC unit, or added an electronic filter, try turning it off for a day to see if the odor goes away.


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