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Bike Storage

I live in a 1 bedroom apartment in New York City with limited storage space. I really want to buy a bike, but have no where to keep it. Anyone have any creative ideas?

Make your bike work OT as wall art!

This solution calls for ample wall space, but you might want to consider mounting a wall rack or a wall mount storage hook. Aside from providing storage space, bike hanging looks pretty awesome, too.

Try the Allen Wall Mounted 2-Bike Storage Rack by Allen Bike Racks (avail from Amazon for about $30). The rack folds up against the wall when not in use. Or, try the single-storage Delta Leonardo Wall Mount Bike Rack (also avail at Amazon for about $15).

I've seen people just hang bikes on the wall with sturdy hooks, as well. The Schwinn Deluxe Wall Bike Mount runs for about $5. Try looking for that at PricePoint.

Re: Bike Storage

IF your landlord allows it, you can simply screw 2 hooks into ceiling joints, and hang it from the ceiling. Considering that most landlords will have an issue with this, though, search Amazon and other places, there are tube frame bike stands that simply lean against the wall, you might be able to find one that holds the bike well up near the ceiling so that you can still store other items under the bike.

Re: Bike Storage

Go to Amazon.com and search for "bike pulley". Again, it would depend on how many/large of holes your landlord allows you can make in the walls/ceiling. I've lived in an apartment and made holes larger than allowed and fixed them before moving out with some spackle & paint. Anyway, my in-laws have one of these and they are SO easy to install and use. My father-in-law has a bad back and can use it himself. Plus, depending on your ceiling height the bike is completely out of the way. No having to avoid the seat or back tire as you walk by.

Re: Bike Storage

On the surface, the idea of using your bike as accidental art is attractive. However, what if the bike is wet or dirty? Are you prepared to wash your bike every time you use it? For that matter the wall is likely to show tire marks whether the tires are clean or not.

I do like the idea of a bike as art, but how could one deal with the drawbacks? Any ideas?

Re: Bike Storage

Take a look at this type - out of the way - there are a variety of them on the market, most under $35


Re: Bike Storage

Padlock and a plastic cover would be your best bet.

Re: Bike Storage

Some variation of this might work:


Re: Bike Storage

If you don't want the bike visible and depending on how much you use it you could always simply remove the wheels to compact the bike and put it in a closet or under a bed.

Re: Bike Storage

do you have a neighbour with more space or storage facilities near by?

Re: Bike Storage

Your best bet is to hang it!


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