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The Big Mystery

I have been laying ceremic tile on my floors. This is new to me and Im learning by doing, unfortunately!
Anyways, I was washing off my tiles that had residue on them from the wet tile saw, in my bathroom sink. I did run the water forcefully after I was done.
Then got to thinking, this is not such a good idea, running this stuff down my sink so I got a bucket to rinse the tile in and throw the water with residue outside.
I might have waited too late as now my cold water wont flow on my washing machine. HELP.
I have checked out the machine itself to make sure the lines were open and even took out the water inlet thingy to make sure it looked ok. STILL NO COLD WATER.
Im thinking I must have stopped up the plumbing some where along the line.
Any plumbers out there that would know what to do.
Thank you as always.:o

Re: The Big Mystery

The water supply and drain are two completely separate systems. Dumping something down the drain will have absolutely zero impact on the water supply to any faucet or appliance.

Shut off the cold water valve to your washing machine, disconnect the hose from the valve, then hold a bucket under it and slowly turn on the valve. If water comes out, the problem is either a blocked hose or a faulty inlet valve on the washing machine. (There may be a screen at the valve end of the hose; check to make sure it's clear.)

Where the hose connects to the washing machine, there is an internal valve that is electrically controlled by a solenoid. If this solenoid fails, it will not open the valve so you won't get any water coming in.

If water does not come out of the valve (when you tried it with the bucket), you have a problem with your plumbing.

Re: The Big Mystery

Thank you for the advice. Looks like I need a new water inlet valve with solinoid.
If Im able to fix this myself, Ill be so happy. Used to barely know how to unscrew a bolt...thanks.

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