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Big Frame, Small Door

I am trying to reuse a great, old door. Width wise, the door fits perfect in the doorway I am putting it in. Lengthwise, the door is short 2 1/4 inches, but everything is level. Is there any affordable or diy way to make this door fit (or make it bigger) and still look good?

PS- I am doing this behind my husband's back because if I give him one more project, he'll strangle me. I'm trying to figure out something easy I can do. Please Help!:rolleyes:

Re: Big Frame, Small Door

Adding wood to the top or bottom is not that easy. The rails run one way and the stiles run the other and adding a wood strip you would end up with it running with the grain on rails and perpendicular to the grain on the stiles. If the door is finished natural it would be very obvious and if it is painted the difference in expansion and contraction would revel a seem. Probably the best thing would be to cut down the frame or at least the trim and fill in the top of the frame which could get into wall refinishing above the door.

Re: Big Frame, Small Door

i just had a customer with the same problem last month. he had his bathroom redone and the contractor removed the old door frame then reinstalled it on top of the new floor instead of on the sub floor and the door was already about an inch short due to the marble threshold which isn't there anymore. luckily enough he had another door fo the same width that he didn't need. i was able to cut off what i needed from the spare door and with glue and screws i put a new bottom on it then used the belt sander to sand it all smooth before he repainted it. now that's it's painted you can't tell at all but i guess time will tell. i'm hoping a gap doesn't form after a few seasons of humidity and dryness but it is at the bottom and hopefully won't be noticable if it does. if you are staining i don't know how well the seam would be hidden. if you want to spend the money, you can bring the door to a cabinet shop and maybe they can do a better job with it or they could always duplicate the door to the size you want from scratch.

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