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Bifold Doors

Hi! My husband and I are newbies at pretty much all of this handyman/DIY stuff. We are trying to finish a bedroom. We want to put in a set of bifold closet doors. We measured the opening pre-trim, and it is 34 1/2" wide. The door widths we have seen are 24, 30, 32 and 36. If I am understanding right, we will have to buy solid-core 36" and shave some off? Or will the 32" be OK once the trim is all on? Please help!!!

Re: Bifold Doors

Cutting off 1.5" is a lot of meat to remove from bifolds. Get the smaller set and build up the door jambs to match.

Re: Bifold Doors

34 inch bifolds are available but are hard to find,, especially in my region. reguler 34" doors are hard to find..

this time last year i built two homes frame to finish which the drawings were done by the same architect... both custom homes.. he spec'd 34" doors almost everywhere, we framed for them but had a hell of a time finding them when it was trim time. we ended up having to special order them as we needed 20 of them

Re: Bifold Doors

I would do exactly as Houston says. Get the 32" wide set. I hope your opening is square and the bifold doors fit in nicely.

Re: Bifold Doors

Thank you! I think I will go with getting the 32" and bulding-up the jams. Hopefully it will all work out!

Re: Bifold Doors

You said the opening is 34-1/2" wide. The jambs will be 3/4" thick -- on both sides. This leaves 33". There will be somewhere between 1/4 and 1/2" gap between the studs on each side and the jamb due to shimming, narrowing it down to about 32-1/4", so 32" will be just the perfect size.

Look for YouTube videos on door hanging. There's bound to be one out there somewhere.

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