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bidet vs toilet

We are in a situation where most, if not all of the toilets in our new house are going to be replaced.

I thought it might be interesting to try a bidet for one of the three bathrooms. I've read that combo units are available some places for $120 or less.

Can anyone suggest a toilet that has an integrated bidet for $150 or less?

Also, my wife wants to know how you are supposed to dry yourself afterwards. I told her that you're probably supposed to get out the hair dryer, then make sure you don't drop it in the toilet while you are doing that, but I was only half joking. (I really don't know myself)

It makes more environmental sense to clean yourself off with water. You would be cleaner, and there wouldn't be a bunch of wasted toilet paper that now has to be treated. However, I really don't have a good answer for drying yourself afterwards.

Re: bidet vs toilet

You are not going to be able to find a quality toilet with a built in bidet for under $150 anywhere. expect to pay at least $250. For $150 you can get a product called go bidet which is an attachable bidet for toilets.
Find licensed plumbers in your area.

Re: bidet vs toilet

Just a word of warning. You will want the hot water supply very close to the bidet unless you really like cold water on your privates. Ours is at the other end of the house and you could get really cold before you receive enough warm water.

Re: bidet vs toilet

According to me Toilet is better.
bidet always have water issues.

Re: bidet vs toilet

We have bidet at home and I am very satisfied with it. Not only with the water spray cleansing the private parts but the seat itself stays warm depending on the warmth level you choose. I still use toilet paper though in a minimal way. I use it just to dry off the water. :)

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