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Bi-Fold Door: Repair or Replace?

My son's closet has two bi-fold doors made of what I guess is a wood veneer. One of the doors somehow fell off the track and hit the floor knob-side down. Needless to say, the knob punched a hole in the door... and I have a problem. :):mad:

Can this type of door be easily fixed, or I am better off buying a replacement -- and hope I can find a match? At this point, I am not sure if a replacement is available at my local home improvement store.

Re: Bi-Fold Door: Repair or Replace?

if the door is painted, minwax makes a great wood filler, it's a two part expoxy mix. you can just fill the hole, sand and repaint. i know they carry it at home depot in the paint section.

Re: Bi-Fold Door: Repair or Replace?

The door is not painted. We thought it was a nice wooden door. It wasn't until this happened that we realized it is a cheap door. I am not sure it is even real wood.

Note: I just took a closer look at the damage. It appears that the screw holding the knob in place punched into the second bi-fold.

The primary hole is roughly the shape of a 1.5" x 2" rectangle. The secondary damage is about the size of a small screw head.

Re: Bi-Fold Door: Repair or Replace?

Thanks to all who replied.

For the benefit of anyone who might be interested, I visited my local home improvement store today. A replacement bi-fold door costs about $35... and probably a heckuva lot easier that doing a repair. We opted for a different design given that the cost was about the same.

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