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Best primer for new drywall

I was just wondering what peoples thoughts were on the best primer for new drywall? I cannot afford the MOST expensive option but middle of the road is best.

Re: Best primer for new drywall

You really don't need a primer that is a stain blocker suck as KILZ or anything like that since you are not covering up stains. I would go with a middle of the road type water based primer which ususally runs approx $10-15 dollars a gallon. I would definetly put on two coats of primer because the new drywall is really going to soak up the primer and the primer is going to be cheaper that the finish coat of paint.

Re: Best primer for new drywall

If you are going to paint the walls any PVA primer will work, 2 coats.
If you are planning on wall paper 2 coats PVA primer and 2 coats Kilz. If you use Kilz you won't have to use sizing and the paper can be removed later with little damage to the drywall.

Re: Best primer for new drywall

For paint, I'd do 2 coats with a good PVA primer.
For the smoothest look, lightly pole-sand after 1st prime-coat is dry, & remove ALL dust.
Most Latex primers will slightly "fuzz-up" the paper surface.

If your wall is to be textured, the sanding step won't apply.

If texturing...
* Prime the bare drywall with a PVA.
* Shoot the texture & let it dry.
* Prime again with a GOOD primer like 123, C2-One, ACE Enamel-Undercoater.

If papering, use Zinsser's Shieldz pre-papering primer.


Re: Best primer for new drywall

I personally place more emphasis on the primer than most people. Afterall, you will never be able to seal and bond to the dry wall again. It becomes more important if you intend to finish coat with glossier sheens or put up wallcoverings. A truly well sealed surface will allow the finish enamel to hold its maximun sheen. A well sealed wall will also make the hanging of wallcoverings easier and years from now make its removal much easier.

I prefer a premium pure acrylic primer such as Premium Kilz or Behr's Number 75 primer to a PVA. It seals better and has better blanking do to more titanium oxide content which is milled to a finer state.

If wallpapering, an oil based primer or flat oil paint over aa acrylic primer is the ultimate preperation. I lived in my old house for 30 years. Way back then I painted the walls with a low sheen oil enamel knowing that most walls would be wallpapered. Every few years I changed the wallpaper and was so happy I had done that preparation. The paper pulled cleanly and the paste rapidly softened and easily washed off because of the moisture barrier formed by the oil paint.

Quite frankly, I have always believed in using the best product available. It is the labor that really costs and good paints and primers ultimately save you labor, as well as increase customer satisfaction.

Re: Best primer for new drywall

I also prefer Kilz to prime... it's worth it done right over the long term. And clean thoroughly before applying.
Mark, a Painter in Chanhassen, MN

J Roper
Re: Best primer for new drywall

If you're looking for an inexpensive primer for new drywall and are going to use a flat finish coat, check around at paint stores for mis-tinted cans of flat latex paint. Once the wall is finished, you'll never know the difference. Sanding the primer coat before you put on the finish coat is a must.
I agree that a PVA primer will be the best if you are painting with a finish that has a sheen to it but for flat finishes this will work fine. Try to get colors that are similar to what you are going to finish with and mix them together.
Paint stores usually sell mis-tints for several dollars a gallon to get rid of them, but it might take some looking around.

Re: Best primer for new drywall

CHarv, the best primer for bare drywall depends on what expectations you have from the paint you will apply over it. You have a few options, the short answer is – primer is not the best option for new drywall, a drywall sealer such as Zinsser Gardz is. However, keep in mind like any product, there are many differences in quality and features.

It’s best to decide what you expect out of the paint you will be putting over the bare drywall. Some people paint to simply freshen up a room with no other expectations such as 1) hanging wallpaper at a later date or 2) having the option to wipe, 3) wash, 4) scrub the walls or 5) in kids rooms being able to remove crayon and permanent marker, 6) ability to repeatedly remove taped-up posters and pictures and 7) to apply and remove masking tape for a wild color scheme of stripes and stars, 8) applying finish paint such as eggshell or semi-gloss, 9) high traffic areas and 10) in rooms or areas with large amounts of window glare.

Whatever your expectations are for finish paints - washability and scrubabilty features and the items listed above are dependant on the basecoat beneath the top coat.

It’s important to understand the different capabilities of wall primers. You may want to google me and read up on bare drywall for a more in depth look at the limitations of wall primer to help you make that decision.

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