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Best flooring material for bedroom?

My parents are thinking about re-doing the floor of their bedroom. And being frugal they want to go with Pergo. I know it's hardy and cheap, but don't know the exact pros and cons of this material. And what about real wood? Bamboo? Beech?

Re: Best flooring material for bedroom?

there are so many articles comparing laminate with wood...just look it up and start reading.

Basically, the good points of laminate:
- price
- ez to install
- attractive
- ez to clean
- doesn't scratch like wood

And the bad:
- won't survive big spills
- wears out in high foot traffic areas
- could be too hard to walk on, for some folks

Laminate is now selling like crazy. There are so many brands, it's rediculous. Pergo, which was one of the pioneers, is actually one of the most expensive out there.

If you go with laminate, Pergo or another brand, choose 12mm thick over the too thin 8mm.

Re: Best flooring material for bedroom?

When installed well Pergo can last for quite some time. We installed a Pergo floor in my parents bedroom, living room and main hallways. That was 13 years ago and it still looks fine. They are in their 70's, no small children come around,and they don't have a pet to scratch the floor.

Re: Best flooring material for bedroom?

How tough is laminate? I'm living with lots of cats and really want to rip up the old and gross bedroom carpet in favor of wood laminate. Will lots of cats be likely to wreck the floor?

Re: Best flooring material for bedroom?

The laminate I've been using is an off brand, 12 mm thick. It resists almost all scratches. You can strike it with a key and it won't show any signs. It will most likely withstand your cats.

Re: Best flooring material for bedroom?

But what laminate won't withstand is a water spill.

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