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Best Filter combination for metromatic oil furnace

I have an LB100 Metromatic oil furnace in my apt (I rent). We have had issues with odor particularly smoke (cigarette) and generally just an unpleasant stale smell from the heat furnace occasionally last winter. I'm trying to replace the furnace filters before winter, we currently have a cheap disposable type in there and I'm looking at putting better quality filters particularly a replacable carbon filter to help reduce odors. The furnace apparently takes two filters, I contacted the company who supplied the furnace to ask them their recommendations for filter combinations so as not to overtax the furnace but the guy didn't seem to understand MERV ratings or why I would be concerned about damaging the furnace and said so long as they were each 1 inch thick they would be fine dont worry about it (In his defense, I do have an accent so maybe he just didn't understand me very well). The carbon filters have a MERV8 rating - does anyone have an idea whether i should go for another low MERV filter or if i can go for a higher MERV rating without damaging the furnace? I have gotten carbon impregnated register filters to help cut down on odors and dust in the apt (not using them on all registers just the particularly stinky ones) - these have already made a difference to the stale smell around the registers we get even without the heating being used.
Thanks so much

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