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best bathroom paint

I am getting ready to paint our bathroom, aready put primer but what is the best paint???? not really looking for the best name brand, do you use a enamel paint or flat shean thanks.

A. Spruce
Re: best bathroom paint

A semi-gloss or gloss paint will hold up better in a high moisture environment than a flat paint will because it has tighter pores to resist moisture penetration.

IMHO, you get what you pay for in paint. Stick with name brands, such as Kelly Moore, rather than most of the shelf brands at the big box warehouse. Sticking with name brands gets you two things, quality that will always be there and when you want more of the same color, you can get it easily, particularly if you're buying off the shelf color and not a custom color.

Re: best bathroom paint

DEFINITELY a Satin or Semi-gloss!!

The smoother resin-build of the higher sheens (when cured!)is fairly resistant to moisture migration into the paint film.
(Thank G*D we have S/Gloss in our DD's bathroom:D!)

Give your new TWO FULL COATS paint-job a couple days to get the "initial drying" done b4 a load of steam hits it.
FULL cure is usually a month to be considered washable.

When painting Kitchens and Baths...pretend you never heard the words "Flat paint"...:cool:!

Stick with top, name brands that are 100% Acrylic Latex. C2, FPE, ACE-Royal, Ralph-Lauren, BM, SW, etc. Stay in the $25/gal. & over area, and you'll be fine.

Hopefully you fully washed the walls b4 your priming??


Re: best bathroom paint


I have recently used the new "Ultra" paint by Behr and have been quite impressed by it. Ultra uses the new Nano technology which fills the gaps between pigment in traditional paint with nano particles to give an extremely dense and durable paint film (a nano is one billionth of a meter). It is so dense that it is inherently mildew and moisture resistant, although all Behr's paints also contain chemical mildecides.

This same nano technology gives Ultra extremely good adhesion, eliminating the need for a dedicated primer over slick surfaces.
It is also self-sealing over porous patches. The patches can be spot primed with the paint itself.

Traditionally, you would never put a low sheen paint in a humid environment such as a bath. However, Behr rates its Eggshell Ultra for use in baths.

In the interest of full disclosure, I work for the Home Depot, but, as stated, I have personally used the Ultra paint and find it worthy of your consideration. With over 50 years of painting experience, it takes alot to impress me!

Re: best bathroom paint

I used Behr Ultra eggshell in my master bath 2 weeks ago so it's still curing but, it went on so smooth, covered great and looks flawless. I too, was very impressed.

Re: best bathroom paint

I agree with the above posts buy semi-gloss you need to be able to properly clean your walls for one thing and as someone pointed out it is better when it comes to moisture.
Regardless though of what brand you buy make sure it says that the paint is suitable for bathrooms and says bathroom paint right on the can. The bathroom paints have an extra bit of mildewcide in them that keeps mold from developing. I like Benjamin Moore paint the best as I think it is a bit better quality but there are certainly other brands that work just as well. I think it all boils down to what you get used to seeing and what you like the best. I also suggest you bringing home some test paint to try some of the colors out for yourself. Paint chips are o.k. but don't really tell the whole story. Good luck to you!:)

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