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Bedroom outlets not working

In my master bedroom all outlets not working, light and celing fan still works. Bathroom has no power, lights or outlets. Closet light and outlet works, all on the same circuit tried to trip breaker still have all the above problems.
where do I start to find problem.

Re: Bedroom outlets not working

First check to see if you have a GFCI that is tripped.
Without knowing the wiring it's hard to say where to start. It could be a loose stab connector on an outlet or a bad wire nut connection in a junction box.


Re: Bedroom outlets not working

I checked GFCI with a volt meter there is no power to the GFCI.

A. Spruce
Re: Bedroom outlets not working

How did you check the power at the GFI, did you take it out of the box and test the wires or did you stab the leads into the outlets? If the former, then it's a circuit problem, if it's the latter, try tripping and resetting the GFI and testing again.

Like Jack said, the problem can be in any number of places from another switch or outlet on the circuit to a buried junction box in the attic or elsewhere. The only place to start is at the outlet closest to the panel and work your way to the end of the circuit. Turn the breaker off while working on the circuit. Remove each outlet and switch, one at a time and make sure all the wire nutted connections are good, then make sure that the screws on the sides of the outlets/switches are being used rather than the jab connectors in the back of the fixture. Wrap the wires so that they're drawn around the screw as you tighten the screw.

As a side note, you may want to draw yourself a circuit map of the house so that you know what breaker operates every single switch and outlet in the house, this will assist you in future repairs or modifications to the electrical system

Re: Bedroom outlets not working

From experience I have found that some people do a bad job with the wire nuts and a wire could come loose enough to cause the problem. Seems like the wall switches are the most common place to check first.

Re: Bedroom outlets not working

i stick to sprucy's info. but yes the possibilty of sloppy wiring and tightening screws is a good possibility. if the screws on the outlet are loose then wiggle around allowing it to touch the box the gfi will trip.

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