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Bathtub needs help!

We just bought a house, built in 1964, and one bathroom is in bad shape. We are going to retile the tub area, but don't want to replace the cast iron tub, which is is good shape. The color is the problem--a pinkish beige.

Does anyone know about reglazing porcelain tubs? We would not attempt to do it ourselves.

Re: Bathtub needs help!

I dont know to much about the process but do know it can be done. Use google to educate yourself then use the yellow pages.
Good Luck




Re: Bathtub needs help!

My experience is that that re-finishing lasts for only a few years before it fails. It is not cheap - somewhere in the $250 to 300 range. Albeit, less expensive initially than installation of a new tub. If you are in your house for the long haul, I would change the tub.

A new cast iron Kohler tub can be had for about $400, plus installation. If you are tearing out the old tile anyhow, the installation is simplified for the plumber. Also, a cast iron tub can be removed with a sledgehammer. It is quite brittle and will shatter into manageable pieces. Removing the old tub yourself will also reduce the plumbers bill.

You will want to have the plumber install the new tub. A cast iron tub weights A LOT! If he damages it, it is his problem, if you damage it, it is yours. Also, setting the drain can be tricky.

You will also want to upgrade your faucet at this time. It is easily done when the wall is fully exposed. A 1964 house probably still has the old non-temperature equalizing faucets. These prevent drastic temperature changes when someone opens a faucet elsewhere.

Of course, you can obt for a fiberglas tub. They are less expensive and much lighter. Personally, I prefer the porcelain for cleanability and comfort.

There is also the option of a plastic tub liner. But if you are changing all the tile, I would opt for a new tube. these liners are also not cheap.

Hope this was helpful, but it is easy for me to spend your money! :)

Re: Bathtub needs help!

Thanks for the advice. You make some good points.

Re: Bathtub needs help!

Are you re-doing the wall substrate as well for tile?!?

If you're also tiling a shower-stall:
DO NOT use regular drywall or greenboard anymore!!
Consider ONLY cement board.
Use Redgard waterproofing b4 anything!!
>>> If the tub will be your shower as well, then never mind!

Definitely hire a pro when it's time for re-glazing if you go that route!!! The whole room has to be sealed-off, and they wear a haz-mat suit/mask. The home-center kits are almost worthless....


Re: Bathtub needs help!

If you are using kerdi, hydroban or any similar surface waterproofing materials, they all list regular old white drywall as a suitable substrate. Cement board (cbu) is optimal but not necessary unless your waterproofing is sheet plastic placed behind the CBU

Re: Bathtub needs help!


Thanks for correcting me on that!

Knowing ME though, I'd use cbu anyway...
I'm my own "Mr. Overkill"!


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