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Bathroom wall board

We are in the process of remodeling our master bathroom and are ready to install new shower wall board. In watching many Do it yourself programs I have seen new products that they are using to install new wall board, the only product that I am familiar with is cement board. Do you know the new trends and are they better then cement board?

Re: Bathroom wall board

Why would you want to try something new, when you know that cement boards are good and inexpensive? Just do the installation right on the CBUs.

A. Spruce
Re: Bathroom wall board

Your question requires some clarification. Are you asking what to put under tile or what to cover every square inch of the bathroom with? These are two very different things.

Re: Bathroom wall board

For wet areas you can use ceement board if you desire, but ceement boards aren't waterproof. None of them. YOu still need a waterproof membrane, either sheet plastic behind the ceement board, OR a surface applied membrane such as Kerdi, Hydroban, Nobleseal, or Dalseal. If you elect to use Kerdi, you can replace the ceement board with plain white drywall.

For non wet areas, plain white drywall with a decent paint job will be all you need provided you have the proper ventilation you should have anyway.

Re: Bathroom wall board

I agree with HoustonRemodeler on using regular drywall on other than the wet areas in a bath. What ever they impregnate the greenboard with to make it moisture resistant, it seems to cause adhesion problems with acrylic paints. Just give the regular drywall a good dedicated primer and a good bath rated paint. This is not the place for one of the primer and paint in one products.

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