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Bathroom Ventilation Problem

I live in a first floor condo (formerly a two-family). There is a distinct "smell" (i.e., sewer-like) that only occurs when the bathroom window is open. It's worse on humid days. Over the past 4 years, I've spent several thousand dollars tearing apart the walls, having plumbers vent the drains properly, replaced the toilet seal twice, installed a ceiling fan to the outside and put silicon caulk around the base of the toilet. Nothing has worked. I'm at a loss about what to do next, as I've never had this problem anyplace else I've lived. ANY suggestions would be helpful before I spend more $$ (new toilet? checking if the main sewer pipe has a crack?) on things that won't work. Thanks!

Re: Bathroom Ventilation Problem

If your main has a crack in it, why would the smell be noticed only when the window is open?

Have your plumber check the vent that goes through the roof.

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Re: Bathroom Ventilation Problem

i agree with dj. you have to do some testing regarding your roof vent as well as your neighbors roof vent. it's very possible that when the wind blows a certain direction it carries the vent gasses down the roof and into the window. google "mountain wind drafts". the peak of the house can send wind in a very distinct direction and funnel it right by your bathroom window. if would be just a bad coincidence but it's very possible. see if it only happens on windy days, on days when the wind is only from the east or north, etc.

Re: Bathroom Ventilation Problem

Thanks for the advice. For some strange reason, these responses only showed up yesterday!

Re: Bathroom Ventilation Problem

It it also possible that the trap arms are too long and when you use the bath for example it sucks out the water in the trap.

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