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Bathroom vent options

I'm in the processing of buying a 2nd floor condo in a two-floor complex. I'm planning to renovate the bathroom and wanted to install a bathroom vent. While I have access to the attic above my unit, I just learned from the property management co. that I am not allowed to install any new vents through the roof. While the bathroom has an exterior wall, it appears I cannot run horizontally in the attic and vent out the side wall because it would breach the wall at the roof line and conflict with the rain gutters.

I've thought of lowering the ceiling just above the tub creating a soffit, which would buy me room to vent out the side wall, but the ceiling is already pretty low and the vent would have to exist directly above the showerhead.

Anyone have any other ideas on how I could vent this? I'm guessing it's advised against tapping into the existing bathroom sewer vent for the fear of backflowing gases. But maybe there's some special piping that might safely allow for this?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Re: Bathroom vent options

I'm not sure you need another vent if you say the bathroom is already vented? What kind of pipe is already in place?

Re: Bathroom vent options

There are currently no vents in the bathroom, right? You should ask the property management co. what you should do. Your bathroom could get moldy without a vent. The best way to vent a bathrrom is through the roof. Any other way won;t be effective and could leed to other problems.
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Re: Bathroom vent options

I don't believe you will find anyone that would allow using the plumbing vent stack to be used for your exhaust fan.
You might check with the building inspectors in your area to see if you are required to have a bath fan, chances are you will be unless there is a window. If you are then put that information in the lap of the condo corp to say they are responcible to allow you to install one. If it means going through the roof then so be it.

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