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Nick of Pittsburgh
Bathroom Vent Fans

What type of service person would install a bathroom vent fan? In this bathroom NO FAN ever existed.
Is this HVAC or a roofer or an electrician?

Any suggestions?

Re: Bathroom Vent Fans

In new construction its the HVAC man round these parts.

In a remodel its the remodel guy (or gal) We do lots of them.

MLB Construction
Re: Bathroom Vent Fans

all electricians do them too....don't forget you have to get power to it. electricians know how to vent it out the sofit, gable end or the roof.

Re: Bathroom Vent Fans

I would call an electrician too, to get it done right.

Re: Bathroom Vent Fans

"In this bathroom NO FAN ever existed."

Question: do you have a window in this bathroom?

Re: Bathroom Vent Fans

Older building codes used to allow for no vent if there were a window in the bath. That may be fine if you live in Florida, but Up North where it gets to below zero, I don't know too many people who are going to open a window when they are wet and buck naked! It is exactly when the huge temperature variance exists that a powered vent is most important, for the person as well as for the well being of the structure. Fortunately, today's codes demand vents in all types of baths, window or not.

Re: Bathroom Vent Fans

As it involves electrical work, local codes may require it be wired by a licensed electrician who can also do the rest of the work. But usually any renovation contractor, electrician, or good handyman can do this if you don't want to DIY it. Be sure they vent it properly to the outside to avoid possible mold and mildew issues!


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