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bathroom vent


i have two bathroom but only one has a vent. i would like to add vent to other bathroom but can i tap into other bathroom vent pipe?

Re: bathroom vent

yes you can, but you have to install a backflow preventer on both lines right before the junction where they meet. however, if your fans come with one (a back flow preventer/flap) built into it, right where the fan meets the vent pipe, which most usually do, then you're all set from that point on. think of it this way, the flap on the exterior of the house has to open to vent the air out, if there was no back flow preventer on either fan the air would get blown from one bathroom to the other because it would be taking the path of least resistance and therefore not have the power to open the flap on the exterior of the house.

Re: bathroom vent

Thanx..that is answer Ive been looking for...thanks again.

Re: bathroom vent

my house has two bathrooms and two vents. I have a problem that when we are outside and the wind is blowing we get a sewer gas smell on the deck. Not very pleasant.
Would a back flow preventer/flap help with that?

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