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Bathroom vanity gap with wall wide - grout, caulk?

I am installing the new porcelain sink in the bathroom, but the gap between the sink and wall (tiled, not quite straight) is really wide, about 1/8'' at the corners, and in the middle ~> 1/4''. I tried to apply really thick bead of latex caulk, but it was falling through.

I managed to fill the gap with grout. Now I am going to apply caulk between the wall and the grout. Should I try to have all grout covered by caulk to seal better? What would be the best way to make this wide bead and make it not look too ugly? I am using latex caulk.Any good tool to lay it nicely?


Re: Bathroom vanity gap with wall wide - grout, caulk?

There is a product called backer rod, that's better than grout in a case like yours. Grout can dry up and crack.

You simply place the foam in the gap and caulk over it.

To get a perfect finish to a caulking job, there is no substitute to a trained finger and a wet rag: let your finger do the walking and let your rag do the cleaning.

Re: Bathroom vanity gap with wall wide - grout, caulk?

If you go to the tile section of your builder supply store, you should find some sanded caulk. This will cover the grout, is flexible incase the grout does crack, and resembles grout. Incase you don't happen to have a trained finger, a credit card is an excellent substitute. The rounded edge is just the curve you need.

While you are at the big box store, get a grout sponge. After you use the credit card, you can wipe off the excess with the damp sponge. It will look like a pro did it.

One brand name that I use is Karacaulk S, a sanded acrylic caulk made for the corner seams in tiled showers.

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