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Bathroom Vanity and Gap Between Walls

Hello! I'm a first-time homeowner and I am also a first-time customer of a "contractor" who is doing renovations to my kitchen & bathroom.

He asked me to pick a bathroom vanity that was 30-31". I did. This vanity was going to be sandwiched between two walls: the wall dividing our hallway and the wall dividing the vanity from the bathtub.

Being a new homeowner,etc. I followed his instruction, never thinking to ask: is it going to be "flush" against these walls? Well, it's not. There's a few millimeters along the sides. I think this is going to be a problem with water going off the sides and cleaning it up.

I questioned him about this and he said: that I "picked" a free-standing (vs. built-in vanity), which mind you, I didn't even know I had the opportunity to pick something called a "built-in").

He also said that he wasn't "planning" to move the walls .. but when they "realized that things were maybe going to be too tight, we moved the walls as needed, but since the vanity wasn't a built-in style vanity, we simply moved the common wall between the bath and hallway to be flush with the adjacent kitchen/hallway wall, and made sure that the space large enough to accommodate the one you'd picked. "

(Siiiigh.) I don't know if this is understable the way I write it here on this thread. But, I believe that since he "moved" the walls ultimately, he had the opportunity to TELL me this and I could have 'picked' a built-in (which I never even knew existed).

I guess my question is: should I push this issue with him? Am i going to have problems if water seeps down those sides and i can't clean it? Or should I leave this alone?

I wish this storyline went: contractor found there wasn't enough space, had to move the walls, COMMUNICATED that to me and gave me the 'option' to pick a vanity that'd be flush against the walls!

Thanks! I appreciate ANY AND ALL replies! If it helps, I could upload a pic of current vanity.

A. Spruce
Re: Bathroom Vanity and Gap Between Walls

One or two millimeters gap can be caulked, if you don't like that look, you can go to a shop and have some side splashes made to cover the gaps. The contractor is in error, it is he who should have told you what to be looking for IF that were a valid point, however it is not. Built in, stand alone, it doesn't matter. Whenever you're capturing a countertop between two walls like that, you buy a bigger top and cut it to fit, you'd also want to allow for side splashes to finish off the sides and not have any gap or ragged saw cut.

The fix. If this is a formica top, go back to the place of purchase and order side splashes to match. If this is a cultured shop, find a local cultured top maker and see if they've got some remnants or if they can pour you some matching end splashes. Keep in mind with the latter that there is no way to guarantee a perfect match because they did not make the original top, even if they did, the mix and final product varies slightly from batch to batch.

Re: Bathroom Vanity and Gap Between Walls

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like I don't have a 'leg' to stand on when I'm talking to my contractor; almost as if he talks down to me. I just want to be able to address this. We're paying big bucks for this remodeling project and I want it to be right. (grrrr) Thank you!!!!!!!

A. Spruce
Re: Bathroom Vanity and Gap Between Walls

It is your house and your checkbook. The job is not done until it's done to your satisfaction. Keep in mind that the parameters of the written contract will be the only enforceable part of your agreement.

Re: Bathroom Vanity and Gap Between Walls

The way your contractor is working can create the problem in future for you.So, should clear all the prospects about the changes.Before choosing any option you should consult with one more contractor and then take decisions or you can search online too about your confusion.

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