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Bathroom Tile - Mortar Bed

I curious to now if anyone knows why the mortar bed for my 1917 tiled bathroom floor seems to be extra thick. I'm remodeling my first floor kitchen, which is under the second floor bathroom and have discovered that the bathroom plumbing seems to be laid into the mortar. This mortar bed seems to be about 2" thick. Is that to support the weight of the old claw foot tub? And more important...how do I replace that plumbing?

Re: Bathroom Tile - Mortar Bed

thats called a mud job.
more recent versions they would lay a 1 inch thick layer
of mud/morter on top of the floor sheathing , which was
plywood or in older homes 3/4 boards run on a diagonal.
however on older mud jobs ,like yours, they nailed the floor boards between the joists and down and inch or more below the top
of the joists. in doing so they ran some of the plumbing
in the mud, usually lead pipes.
only way to get to the pipes is by breaking it up from
above a real pain.

Re: Bathroom Tile - Mortar Bed

You've pretty much described my situation. Logic tells me if I want to maintain the integrity of the floor, I should not mess with any of the "sheeting" that's placed between the floor joists, supporting the mortar/mud. Tough to do since I want to keep the tile floor, but re-plumb all the fixtures. I suppose I could cut off all the old piping and run new lines through new holes in the floor. But, I'd prefer to somehow try and get the old out and reuse the holes already there. Hmmm...

Thanks for the insight!

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