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Bathroom T&G Ceiling

We recently purchase a lovely older home. Some of the original hardwood red oak has been removed and replaced. I saved the old wood and would like to use it in the bathroom as a ceiling. It is T&G and in good shape. I am wondering the best way to protect from moister accumulation? There is a fan in the bathroom (vents outside and will likely upgrade), and an existing plaster/older thick drywall ceiling now in place. The bathroom is small about 50 sqft at max. Location Atlanta, GA pretty humid most of the year. BTW it is a full bath.

Re: Bathroom T&G Ceiling

I've never known of red oak to be used like this but I do know it will water-stain permanently if it gets wet enough- and on a steamy bathroom ceiling that is highly likely no matter how well you ventilate. I would presume the same fasteners used for flooring would work nailed on the joists, but you'd likely need to use spacers to allow for expansion instead of butting the boards tight as is done with flooring. Maybe someone else here has used red oak in such an environment. I live a couple hours north of Atlanta and the temps in this part of the world can go from the tens to over 110 in a power outage scenario which you usually experience for several hours every couple years or so. Humidity here is usually 60-70 percent but goes from the twenties to almost liquid in the summers. Plus the bathroom steam, and you've got an idea of what dfoaks is looking at.

As gentle as the weather here in the South seems to outsiders, we get as many extremes as anyone else, just a lot less of them and less frequently too :D


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