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Bathroom sink repair

hi, I'm new to forums and handy work and have a leak under my bathroom sink.  I'm not sure of the name of the part leaking - directly under where faucet connnectd to sink (above supply line connection). I changed the supply line thinking that was the issue but it's above that - a plastic fixing that looks like a nut ? 

Will try to attach photos 1) showing part, 2) my finger pointing to leak.

My questions are 1) what is name of part and 2) can I fix it relatively easily ?

Thanks for any guidance , Trish 

Ps: In photo it's the white plastic fixing right up (glued?) on bottom of sink. 




Re: Bathroom sink repair

1. That is a locking nut. That holds the faucent assembly down on to the sink.

2. Yes, it is easy to repair.

Most likely the issue is that the locking nut is not tight enough or the rubber gasket under the faucent assembly is deteriorated. You can replace the rubber gasket with plumbers putty. The section that you are pointing to cannot leak. There is nothing there to leak. Most likely water is getting under the faucet assembly and running down right there. If not, the faucent assembly is broken or cracked and will need to be replaced. The locking nut is just that, a locking nut. Has nothing to do but hold the faucet assembly tight to the basin. Another place where water may be leaking is from the handle assembly. There is a small cartridge under the handle that has some ring washers. The cartridge could be loose at that point causing water to leak past the ring washers, and down the supply line.

The term that you keep noting as a "fixing" is called a "fitting". The fitting should not be glued. It is a locking nut that uses thread on the short nipple that is attached to the faucet assembly.

Run the water and look for a drip. Do not splash around the sink. If it is leaking at that time, the cartridge under the handle is leaking. I would replace the faucet assembly. If not, he water is coming from a person using the basin and water is getting under the faucet assembly and running down the supply line.


Handy Andy in Mt Airy NC

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