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Bathroom roof vent stack clogged question

We have a 1920 craftsman (I say this because it is a single story home). We believe the roof vent stack / drain is clogged in the bathroom. The bathroom sink runs fine. The bathtub drains very slowly and at times the toilet gurgles and loses water when other appliances are used like the dishwaser, kitchen sink, washing machine. We have snaked out 20 feet and still happening.

We have called 6 plumbers in our area (Everett, WA) and none of them go on the roof.

First, can anyone confirm if this sounds like a correct diagnosis?

Second, is there a trick to find a plumber that goes on the roof to clean out the vent / drain? or is there another professional that is quailified to do this?

Thanks for all of the input!

Re: Bathroom roof vent stack clogged question

It depends on the angle of the roof. if it is only 30 degrees, I would go but with a helper that i can trust. anything more , no way. I once went on a 45 degree roof
and started to slide . Never again.


You could try a roofer that is comfortable with working at this height, with a drain man.

by the way not all drain men are plumbers. sounds like you need a drain man more than a plumber.

I think that it is a blocked vent .

Re: Bathroom roof vent stack clogged question

I found a vent clogged with a dead bird and gravel. If you are comfortable getting on your own roof, buy a 25' snake and run water down it with your hose as you are snaking it.

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